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Which Ones To Choose?

This is a short guide written in non-complicated language to help you understand the differences between types of crowns and bridges. Definitions:


Crowns can either be all porcelain or metal covered in porcelain. They can strengthen weakened teeth and at the same time improve there shape and colour. Bridges – Bridges are crowns that are joined together with a replacement porcelain tooth to fill gaps where teeth are missing. These can also be all ceramic or metal covered in porcelain.


Veneers are all porcelain coverings that can reshape and recolour the front face of a tooth. They are thin and can only be used to correct small problems shape and crookedness but require less preparation than crowns. They can whiten and brighten your smile to give you a more youthful and perfect smile.

HALO Porcelain over metal

These crowns are the standard used across the world In dentistry. They can be very good aesthetically and cosmetically. However they have metal underneath the porcelain they do not look as natural as all porcelain crowns. Halo refers to the best possible standard of this type of crown, only to be made by the most senior technicians. We highly recommend them for all areas of the mouth as they can also be used to make bridges.

Price £425 per tooth

Standard All porcelain crowns

These all porcelain crowns use zirconium instead of metal to give them their strength. Zirconium is a white translucent material that looks a lot like real tooth. This means they have a superior natural look and are in fact as strong as their metal counterparts. We strongly recommend them for use in the front of the mouth. They are not suitable for use in bridges.

Price £450 per tooth

LAVA All porcelain crowns

These crowns developed by 3MESPE are the gold standard of crowns in use across the world at the moment. They are incredibly strong and can be used in both crowns and bridges. They have vastly superior aesthetics and are of most use in the front of the mouth but their unparalleled strength means they are simply the best crowns money can buy.

Price £565 per tooth

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